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High-Performance Boats

Dixie Marine LLC. is your High-Performance Boat Specialist. Our experienced team will modify your engine and drive-system to improve performance and handling. We do general engine repairs such as:

• Tune-Ups
• Oil Changes
• Belts, Hoses, and Fluids Replacement
• Out-Drive and Transmission service
• Fiberglass Repair
• Paint Service

Contact Us at (502) 643-5713

Inflatable Boats

Dixie Marine LLC., AB name-brand lightweight inflatable boats. They're great as an auxiliary boat for taking you back to shore. Our inflatable boats range in size from 8' up to 27', and commercial models are available in larger sizes.

Brands:High Performance Boat Specialist

• Mares™ (Foldable Tenders)
• Navigo™ (Open Tenders)
• Ventus™ (Lightweight Tenders)
• Lammina™
• Oceanus™
• Nautilus™
• AB Inflatables www.abinflatables.com

Contact Us at (502) 643-5713